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Welcome to the website of the ABMI ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum.


The ABMF, operating under the ambit of ASEAN+3 and comprising of bond market experts from the region, was established in September 2010 as a common platform to foster standardization of market practices and harmonization of regulations relating to cross-border bond transaction in the region.


ABMF members comprise national members and experts as well as international experts and are drawn from public and private sector organisations.


On this website we aim to keep you up to date with progress made by the ABMF and to invite your views and opinions on the issues raised.



What’s New?


*      25th ABMF Meeting in Manila, Philippines (3-5 July 2017).click here

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*      ABMI ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum Phase 2 Report. click here

*      ABMI ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum Phase 1 Report (ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide ). click here

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