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Welcome to the CoP-MfDR online discussion forum where members hold dialogues related to results-based management.

A specific topic is held over a fixed period of time as facilitated by international experts. At the end of each discussion series, the expert prepares a compendium of the posts/issues which is made available in the CoP website.

Please feel free to suggest results-based topics of your interest and/or you may also send other queries to

See previous discussions by our community members.

Managing for Results at the Sector Level

In the past years, the CoP-MfDR's activities and discussions mainly focused on MfDR at the country level. In 2009, the CoP turn its attention to the sector level, getting closer to work that is done on the ground.

Integrated Results-Based Management

As discussed at the CoP-MfDR Annual Meeting in Shanghai in late 2007, the 2008 online discussion series will focus on practical results-based management issues such as issues such as planning, budgeting, human resources, and linking all these together within the Asian context. Read the Coordinating Committee's introduction to the discussion series.

Establishing a Results-Based M&E System on the Ground

The discussion theme for 2007, as agreed during the CoP-MfDR's action planning meeting held last September 2006 in Singapore, was Establishing a Results-Based M&E System on the Ground. Ray C. Rist, a well-known M&E expert, provided insights and answered questions raised by CoP members.