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Key Documents of the ECG

Good Practice Standards

The ECG Good Practice Standards
To harmonize evaluation practice among ECG members and improve understanding of evaluation practices, the ECG has developed and implemented Good Practice Standards (GPS) for four categories of evaluations commonly carried out by multilateral development banks (MDBs), covering governance and independence of the evaluation function, public sector operations, private sector operations, and country strategy and program. Originally developed as individual GPS documents, the ECG has combined the four GPS into a single product that is now accessible online.

Other Documents Evaluating Technical Assistance: Taking Stock of the Practices of International Financial Institutions
The provision of non-lending technical assistance (TA) by international financial institutions (IFIs) has grown steadily in recent years and has become a significant part of IFI assistance to client countries. Many IFIs are taking steps to improve the strategic relevance of TA as well as their systems to monitor and evaluate TA results. As such, this report takes stock of the types of technical assistance offered by ECG members to clients, and members' practices with regard to evaluation of those technical assistance activities.
Review Framework for the Evaluation Function in Multilateral Development Banks
This report outlines a framework for assessing the evaluation function in multilateral development banks. It outlines the main features of a concept for carrying out reviews of evaluation departments and more generally evaluation systems. The proposals in this report draw on the experience gained of peer review systems developed by the OECD/DAC Evaluation Network.
The Theory and Practice of Analysing Institutional Development in Evaluation
Institutional development has come to occupy a prominent position in development economics. The field is evolving rapidly, and there is a growing body of literature on aspects of institutional development, as well as tried and tested research methods. This study presents an overview of how the institutional transition and development dimension has been reflected in recent studies and evaluations. It analyzes how MDBs currently apply institutional development criteria at performance evaluation of completed operations and in sector- and country-oriented impact studies. Finally, it presents recommendations for improved methodology and reflection of the institutional development impact.