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News and Announcements

Ninth Conference of the Latin American and Carribbean Monitoring and Evaluation Network

Vinod Thomas, Director of Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development BankThe December 2013 conference of the Red de Monitoreo y Evaluación de América Latina y el Caribe (REDLACME) explored ways to use monitoring and evaluation tools in the context of strategic planning and governance. More

Independent Evaluation at AsDB Director General's Blog: Tackling food security challenges in Asia and the Pacific

Vinod Thomas, Director of Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development BankA working paper completed by Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank tackles a series of complex developments affecting the world food, energy, and financial markets. Just a few of these include the demands of urbanization and rising prosperity, a tighter link between food and energy prices, bad weather, and ill-advised policy reactions among major food exporting and importing countries. More

Fragility and Conflict: Assessing the World Bank Group's Work

Anis Dani, Lead Evaluation Officer at the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank Group, speaks about the Bank Group's efforts with fragile and conflict affected states. Watch

New Senior Advisor Position at the Independent Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank

Vinod Thomas, Director of Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development BankThe Independent Evaluation Department at the Asian Development Bank recently created a Senior Advisor position that fulfills the role of a Deputy Director General. This was filled on 23 September 2013 by Mala Hettige, who is concurrently a Division Director until this position is filled.
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Documents from Member Institutions

Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations (ARRI)
Finds that the relevance of IFAD-supported projects remains generally high. The Fund’s own performance as a partner over 2011-2013 was the best since the ARRI was first issued in 2003. Two areas remain challenging: the efficiency of IFAD operations and sustainability of benefits. This year’s learning theme is “Understanding exceptional projects”. Project management emerged as a very important, but under-emphasized determinant of project performance in all country contexts. Report summary | Full document [Jan 2014]

New Evaluation Briefs from the African Development Bank
Four evaluation briefs cover the Operations Evaluation Department's assessments of environmental mainstreaming, safeguards, and results in AfDB road projects; AfDB's economic and sector work; nonsovereign operations; and AfDB trust fund. [Jan 2014]

EBRD: Technical Cooperation Experiences in New Countries of Operations - Mongolia Cooperation Fund
The Mongolia Cooperation Fund was a multi-donor fund established in 2001 to finance technical cooperation activities in a then new member country prior to its eligibility for regular EBRD operations. This evaluation serves primarily to examine this experience with early use of technical cooperation funds, for potential findings and lessons applicable to subsequent new member countries. [Jan 2014]

AsDB: Evaluation Lessons on Transition: Possible Implications for Myanmar
Provides a spectrum of experience in meeting transition challenges, though the lessons of any one individual country may not apply in their entirety to Myanmar. Nonetheless, the comparator experience highlights the importance of connecting the dots between growth and the environment, inclusiveness and conflict prevention, and policy distortions and corruption, with the importance of capacity an overarching issue.
[Jan 2014]

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